The Law Office of Sutton T. Slover, P.C. alerts Atlanta drivers to five of the most dangerous intersections in Metro Atlanta. The law firm also shares potentially life-saving safety recommendations that can help motorists minimize risk when traveling the roadways of Atlanta. 

The Law Office of Sutton T. Slover, P.C. a personal injury attorney based in Atlanta, is advising drivers to beware of the most dangerous intersections in the Atlanta area. Georgia is one of the deadliest states for motorists and ranks among the top ten most deadly roadways in America. 

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta’s main daily newspaper, the following five intersections in Metro Atlanta experienced the most accidents in 2015: 

  •  Memorial Drive and N Hairston Road in Stone Mountain with 22 accidents, 
  • East Park Place and Stone Mountain Highway in Stone Mountain with 20 accidents, 
  • East Park Place and Stone Mountain Highway in Stone Mountain with 20 accidents, 
  • Covington Highway and Panola Road in Lithonia with 19 accidents, 
  • Cobb Place Boulevard and Earnest Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw with 18 accidents, 
  • and Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in Norcross with 17 accidents. 
While traffic congestion and slower speeds in the city are inconvenient, typical city routes are generally safer to travel than intersections. Drivers tend to drive faster on the less congested suburban roadways, and increased speeds result in reduced reaction time, which translates to more accidents. At an intersection, traffic lanes cross rather than merge and yield. The converging lanes may contribute to the high number of accidents at intersections. Other common causes of accidents at intersections include ignoring traffic signs and signals, speeding, driving while distracted or impaired, driving without headlights, and failing to yield the right of way.


Busy and Dangerous Intersection in Atlanta, Georgia

Although it is not always possible to prevent or avoid an accident, drivers can and should take appropriate measures to minimize risk. If they can, drivers should avoid the dangerous Atlanta intersections listed above. When approaching an intersection, a driver should reduce vehicle speed and call to mind basic defensive driving techniques. The driver needs to stay alert, take note of all traffic signs and signals, pay attention to traffic flow, and watch for merging vehicles. If motorists can anticipate encountering a distracted or unsafe driver, then they can improve their reaction time and possibly avoid an accident. It is also vital that drivers do not text or talk on their cell phones while operating a vehicle. Any driver can heed these simple, potentially life-saving safety recommendations. 

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