Dog bite laws and legislation has been a hot topic for years now, as more and more children have received terrible injuries as the result of dog attacks.  However, Georgia remains one of the few states around the country in which a dog owner will not be criminally charged even if they were aware of their dog’s dangerous propensity.  If you are not receiving results in the criminal justice system after a devastating dog bite, you are still entitled to bring a claim in civil court against the dog owner with the help of a skilled Atlanta Dog Bite Lawyer.


While Georgia law still does not automatically charge dog owners with a criminal offense after their dog has attacked a person, the law has made large steps and gains in the past decade.  Dog owners previously were considered innocent under Georgia law until the passage of a new House bill in 2012.  The new law now requires owners of “vicious” dogs to take certain measures to protect people from the dangerous propensities of their dog.  Dog owners are now subject to steep fines and even jail time if their dog attacks a person more than once.

However, even with the changes in the law, many victims of dog attacks are left without recourse in the criminal justice system, and instead must seek justice in the form of compensation in civil court.  Stricter laws would encourage more owners of dangerous dogs to ensure that their dogs remain on leashes and unable to inflict harm onto a casual passerby.


Dog bites are some of the most severe injuries a person can receive.  Unfortunately, so many dog attacks occur to young children who are not old enough yet to understand the danger dogs pose.  Dogs can inflict terrible injuries on young children and may leave scars that haunt them throughout their lives.  These injuries often require extensive medical care and ongoing treatment to fully heal.

A victim of a dog bite attack may be entitled to receive compensation for their injuries, including hospital bills, medical care, rehabilitation, lost wages, and future earnings.  Dog bite attack victims are additionally entitled to recover amounts for emotional distress, including pain and suffering.  Dog bites can leave a scarring impact on any victim, but especially a child.  This can lead to years of living in fear of dogs, all the result of a dog owner who refused to abide by dangerous dog laws in Georgia. Our dog bite attorney can help.


If you or a loved one have been the victim of a dog bite attack, do not hesitate to contact attorney Sutton T. Slover.  Sutton T. Slover has years of experience in handling dog bite cases and understands the tremendous impact these injuries can have on a child’s physical and mental development.  It can be frustrating for a parent to be unable to receive closure through a criminal court and instead must turn to a civil court to hold the dog owner liable for their negligence in allowing the dog to roam free.  The dog owner should be held responsible for any injuries you or your loved one received from their dangerous dog.  Contact our experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer today for your initial free consultation.