how to receive compensation for a car accident in georgia

There are many good accident attorneys out there, and as is the case in every profession, some are more experienced and qualified than others. How do you find the best Atlanta accident attorney for you? Here are some tips:

Look at past victories.

Can the attorney provide real-world examples of past cases they have won? Don?t just look at dollar amounts ? look at details of the cases if possible. An attorney with a good track record doesn?t just win big settlements, but rather wins consistently, partly because they know which cases are most likely to win, and knows when to sue and when to settle.

Look at area(s) of specialty.

Does your attorney focus exclusively or mainly on accident and personal injury cases? Or does he/she practice many types of law? The reason this is important is that having many ?specialties? makes it more difficult for the attorney to be the ?best? at any type of law, no matter how competent that attorney is. The best Atlanta accident attorneys are most likely those who deal exclusively with accidents. (Here at Sutton Slover, personal injury is all we do.)

Look at the local focus.

Is your attorney licensed in multiple states? Do they take cases in many jurisdictions? Being local matters because every jurisdiction has its own unique take on policy and procedure. Make sure your attorney has a good grasp on the ins and outs of the Georgia court system in general, and Atlanta courts in particular.

Ask for references.

Who has hired this attorney before? How was their experience? Were they satisfied with the results of their case, and with the attorney?s ability to represent them?

Take personality into account.

You will likely be working with this attorney for awhile. It?s important that you get along. Does the attorney listen to your needs and ask questions? Does the attorney seem engaged and genuinely interested in your case? These intangible factors are just as important as the attorney?s experience and credentials. If you don?t get along well, you?re less likely to have a good experience, regardless of how qualified they are. For a free initial consultation on your personal injury case, call Sutton Slover today.